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Alcohol-Free Cava Freixenet - wine review

Alcohol-Free Cava Freixenet

Alcohol-Free Cava by Freixenet really surprised me in a good way, and I definitely recommend it!

Freixenet launched its first non-alcoholic cava in 2011, and it has come a long way since then, improving the taste and reducing the sugar content.

It has a pale bright yellow color, perlage is not very intense, but persistent. Inhaling the air above the glass, you feel the pronounced aroma of real cava - apple, peach, and wildflowers. Of course, the taste instantly shows the "alcohollessness" of the wine, yet it is enjoyable - balanced acidity with notes of tropical fruits.

Also, it is 0.0% sparkling wine, which means that it doesn't contain any alcohol at all. The sugar level is also not too high (5.4 grams), so you can enjoy it without constant counting.

Food pairings: Pizza, appetizers, grilled goat cheese salad, sushi, fried chicken breasts.

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