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Aldea 0.0 Tempranillo - wine review

Aldea 0.0 Tempranillo is an example of a wine that I haven't liked a lot now, but I will give it another chance in a couple of years when the producer announces changes and improvements in technology.

It has the nice aromatics of the Tempranillo we all know and love, but the taste is a bit plain and boring. Reminiscent of a good dry red wine, which for some reason was diluted with water 50 to 50.

The verdict - I will not buy it again soon, but if you already got it, you can pair it with some very flavorous food (like pizza or roasted chicken) or make a mulled wine out of it.

Aldea 0.0 Tempranillo overview



​​Producing country:







​Dark berries, Vanilla & Chocolate

Calories / 100ml:

18 Kcal

Serving Temperature:

9 °C

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