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FREE red wine by Bree - review

FREE red wine by Bree

Sometimes I want to applaud non-alcoholic wine producers for the result they achieved, and sometimes - to wish them luck in the future. Red FREE Bree (Germany) is the second case, unfortunately.

First, the package is a little bit confusing. Of course, Bree is a German brand and matches German compliance, but in many countries marking "alcohol-free" means not more than 0.05% ABV, while red FREE can contain up to 0.5 ABV based on its label.

Second, even though it feels like wine, the taste is "not great, not terrible". The aroma contains red fruits and berries, but it is a bit plain and simple. Taste has a wine resemblance, but with the one which will not be my drink choice, whether it has alcohol or not.

From my point of view, FREE will be a solid choice for making a 0% Glühwein - spices and fruits will cover the flaws of the wine's flavor, and it costs less than 5€ where I live, which is a fair price for it.

And I do not give up and will give white and rosé from Bree a try.

Recommended food pairings: pizza, lasagne, cheese or fruit plates, sweet pies.

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