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Your guide into the world of non-alcoholik drinks

Cocktail "Roy Rogers"

Roy Rogers cocktail

Of all the alluring and intriguing 0% drinks, the ones initially created as non-alcoholic, without any adaptations or compromises, are the most valuable to me. My recent discovery, the "Roy Rogers" cocktail, is one such drink. It got its name after the American movie star and singer, Roy Rogers, who was also known as the "King of the Cowboys".

How to make a Roy Rogers cocktail

Its recipe is even too simple: pour 50 ml of Grenadine syrup and 300 ml of Coca-Cola into a highball glass, filled with ice, and garnish with a cherry. But this combination gives a delicious creamy aftertaste to the cocktail.

Nuance: unfortunately, it is better to use Cola Classic. With Cola Zero it will also work, but there is a difference in taste, and not in favor of the low sugar version. But I use pomegranate juice instead of syrup without remorse or shame, which partially balances the sugar level, and, to be honest, it tastes even better for me.

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