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Virgin Mojito recipe

How to make a Virgin Mojito

Virgin Mojito recipe

Virgin Mojito is the most iconic mocktail, everyone knows about it, so there is no need to write a detailed recipe. But some tricks will turn it into The Mojito, and today I will tell you about them.

  1. Sprite is for suckers, soda + sugar syrup is for winners. Yes, it's easier to go with Sprite, but we're not here to cut corners, we are on our journey to perfection.

  2. Mint. An important thing about mint - only leaves should go into the drink, without a stem. 10 leaves are enough. The stem adds unnecessary bitterness to the taste. Before you pluck the leaves, you can gently crumple them in the palm of your hand or even lightly slap your arm with it - this will release the aroma oils. But don’t tear roughly the leaves in a glass with a spoon - it also will cause bitterness.

  3. Lime. Don’t spare it. Squeeze two medium-sized limes into a 350 ml glass. I still recommend just buying fresh lime juice, which usually goes in salad dressing.

In conclusion, per glass 350 ml. you will need 30 ml. lime juice, 20 ml. sugar syrup, 10 mint leaves, 4-5 ice cubes, and enough soda to fill the glass.

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