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Your guide into the world of non-alcoholik drinks

Non-alcoholic Gin Fizz recipe

Foamy Gin Fizz without an egg white

Gin Fizz is one of the most easily mixed cocktails, but one of my favorite gin options at the same time. It has a pleasant sweetness/tartness balance and tenderness provided by the foam.

To get this foam on top, the classic way to go is to add an egg white to the shaker. But even though I buy my groceries from a trustworthy store, and the egg white will not be completely raw after you mix it with lemon juice, I'm still not comfortable using it - salmonellosis is not a joke.

Thanks to the vegan culture we have a perfect, a little bit unexpected substitute - water from the canned (or build) chickpeas, also known as aquafaba. It is widely used in vegan cooking as an egg white substitute, and it works for our purpose perfectly.

Ingredients for the Gin Fizz

  • For one portion you will need:

  • Fresh lemon juice - 60 ml.

  • Gin 0.0% - 30 ml.

  • Water - 60 ml.

  • Simple syrup - 30 ml

  • Aquafaba - 10 ml.

How to make a Gin Fizz

Put all ingredients into the shaker with 1-2 cubes of ice. Shake vigorously and pour into Coupette or Old Fashioned glass.

Important - you shouldn't put ice into the glass to avoid getting a Tom Collins instead of Gin Fizz.

Tom Collins vs. Gin Fizz - what is the difference?

It is not that I don't like Tom Collins. No, on the opposite, I'm very fond of it and mix it from time to time. But I found Gin Fizz a little bit more elegant, and we are here for its recipe anyway, so let's learn the difference:

  1. Fizz itself. Gin Fizz should be tender and foamy when Tom Collins is an egg-white-free drink.

  2. Ice. Tom Collins is served with ice inside the glass while for Gin Fizz you put ice only in the shaker.

  3. Size. Gin Fizz usually is a 200-250 ml drink and Tom Collins is 300-350 ml.

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