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Your guide into the world of non-alcoholik drinks

Non-alcoholic Oleada Barcelona Rosado

I will drink SO MUCH of this wine when the summer finally comes!

Oleada Barcelona Rosado is not what you usually expect when you buy a rosé - it has very bolt, a little bit too direct fruity notes with lychee dominance, and it is even a little bit sparkling.

But it is incredibly light and fresh. With a few ice cubes, it makes a perfect "non-alcoholic day-drinking" option during the hot season.

Strongly recommended!

Recommended food pairings: peaches, strawberries, cheese plate with honey and grapes. Or just nothing, it has very autonomous taste.

Non-alcoholic Oleada Barcelona Rosado Overview


​Oleada Barcelona

Product country:







​Lychee, melon, strawberry, rose petals

​Calories/100 ml.:

kcal 22,4

​Serving Temperature:


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