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Pierre Zéro Signature Red - wine review

It will be safe to declare that Pierre Zéro Signature Red was the best non-alcoholic wine I had so far!

To say that is impressive is to say nothing.

Yes, it is not alcohol-free completely, but it complies with European regulations about non-alcoholic drinks and contains not more than 0.5% ABV. And what the producer made with this 0.5% ABV is pure magic.

When you open the bottle and pour it into the glass you feel the absolute real Grenache wine aroma. Of course, the professional will easily understand that it has an imposter in his glass, but for me, a basic wine lover, it felt like a miracle. Chokeberry, black cherry, dark chocolate - all the aroma shades we love so much in Grenache.

And when you sip it, it doesn't disappoint you. On the contrary - it is the first % wine where I felt my favorite, slightly rough tannins.

I drank it without haste, and over time taste developed and became more complex and rich. By the way, it is highly recommended to decant it - most likely, this will allow you to skip the first most flat notes of taste.

I will definitely buy more of it and recommend you to do the same. Also, now I'm eager to taste the other 0% wines from this brand, especially Signature Sparkling Chardonnay.

Pierre Zéro Signature Red Overview


Pierre Zero

​Producing country:







chokeberry, black cherry, dark chocolate

Calories / 100ml:

19 kCal

Serving Temperature:

14 °C

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