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Portugieser Rosé - wine review

Thank God It's Friday!

The day is bright, the sun is shining, and the weather is whispering: "It will be a great idea to pour some rosé into a glass!"

And I have an idea which one to pick!

Don't let the name Portugieser Rosé confuse you - it is not from Portugal but was made from the grapes variety called Portugieser. It was produced in Germany, by the Winegrowers' Association Freyburg-Unstrut.

It seems to be made by dealcoholizing technology, which is usually better for taste and aroma. And the result is pretty decent.

It is a medium floral rosé. You can distinctively feel rose petals, apples, and grapefruit in flavor. The sourness in taste is smooth - without raw notes, which often happens with non-alcoholic wines.

I will definitely recommend trying it.

Recommended food pairings: pizza, fried chicken breast, salmon, seafood pasta, and cheese plate.

Portugieser Rosé Overview


​Winzervereinigung Freyburg-Unstrut

​Producing country:







​rose petals, apples, and grapefruit

Calories / 100ml:

​14,5 kcal

Serving Temperature:

​8-12 °C

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