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The Painful Vasectomy - cocktail recipe

This drink is a non-alcoholic version of Ryan Reynolds’ signature cocktail “The Vasectomy”. Unfortunately, there is no 0% version of Aviation American gin, so we have to use spirit from another provider - and this is pretty painful, isn't it?

To mix "The Painful Vasectomy", we will need tonic (preferably no-sugar), cranberry juice, fresh lemon juice, and a non-alcoholic gin of your choice - for me, today it will be Gordon's.

1. Put some ice into the highball glass

2. Pure 30 ml of 0% gin

3. Add 150 ml of tonic

4. Then - 50 ml of cranberry juice.

5. …and 20 ml of fresh lemon juice

Stirred, not shaken (because you never shake bubbly drinks, obviously).

Garnish the way you like - in the original video, Ryan used the lemon peel, but I prefer maraschino cherry or fresh raspberries.

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