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Your guide into the world of non-alcoholik drinks

The Rose Syrup

The Rose Syrup

Today I want to start a new rubric, #whatinthebar, where I will talk about "drinker's little helpers": ingredients, equipment, and tools, that could come in handy while you are mixing a perfect drink.

About syrup "Rose", for example.

Usually, I will always recommend making syrups yourself. This allows you to adjust the level of their sweetness, and in general, they come out tastier and much cheaper.

But not everything can be prepared at home, and rose-flavored syrup is one of many such exceptions.

And I definitely will recommend having it in your bar cabinet - because it magically adds aristocratic chic to the simplest things.

Put a few drops in a non-alcoholic gin and tonic - and now you are sipping a drink that worth being added to the cocktail menu of a trendy bar, in the "Our Specials" section.

Delicious-tender or tender-delicious? I just can't decide.

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