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Torres Natureo Muscat - wine review

If you are fond of muscat wines, you will love Torres Natureo - fresh and expressive. My favorite alcoholic white is Viña Esmeralda (also from Familia Torres), and I'm pretty sure that these two have the same roots, and maybe even started their journey from the same tank.

It has light and gentle tasting notes - rose, lychee, and peach. The delicate balance between fruity and floral notes gives this wine a flirty character that you will definitely enjoy.

Recommended food pairings: fruits, cheese plate, seafood, rice dishes, pâté.

Torres Natureo Muscat White Overview


​Familia Torres

​Producing country:





​Moscatel de Alejandría


​rose, lychee, peach, jasmine

Calories / 100ml:

26 kCal

Serving Temperature:

​10 °C

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