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Your guide into the world of non-alcoholik drinks

Virgin Margarita recipe

Non-alcoholic Margarita recipe

"Virgin Margarita" is easy to get. The ingredients for this version of the tequila-based classic are available in almost any supermarket, no matter what city or country you are in right now!

Does it taste like a classic alcoholic Margarita? Not exactly, but there's definitely a resemblance.

Is it delicious? It certainly is! To be honest, I liked it even more than the original. By the way, the secret of any good Margarita is to use all three types of citrus for it - lemon, lime, and orange. Together they make the taste of the drink rich and complicated

Virgin Margarita - ingredients

  • A few lemons, or a bottle of lemon juice.

  • A few limes, or a bottle of lime juice.

  • One nice orange

  • Still water

  • Agave syrup

  • A jar of pickled cornichons (What?! Yes!!!)

  • Ice Sea salt

Optional: an extra lime for garnish.

How to make a non-alcoholic Margarita

  • Pour 30 ml of lemon juice and the same amount of lime juice into a shaker (or into a pot with a lid)

  • Add a tablespoon of agave syrup. Stir, so it does not stick to the walls of the shaker.

  • Squeeze juice from a 1/6 slice of orange into a mixing bowl.

  • Pour 60 ml of drinking water

  • Throw a small pinch of salt

  • ... and two teaspoons of pickles' water. It is a secret ingredient that will give a surprising savor, associated with tequila.

  • Mix with ice in a shaker, and pour into glasses. No ice is needed in the glasses themselves.

Drink with joy. Association with tequila, to be honest, is a bit far-fetched. But I felt the distinct taste of pomegranate seeds, which was very unconventional and pleasant.

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