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ZERO Riesling by Rossmann

I still have this strong prejudice against supermarket-branded products, when it comes to wine. But ZERO Riesling by Rossmann is where I'm ready to admit I'm wrong and challenge myself to be less superficial.

This is a real riesling with everything you expect a riesling should have in its flavor.

It has a light and balanced mineral taste, with a low and harmonic level of sweetness. Tasting notes are reminiscent of the sourness of a green apple.

The aroma is exactly the one you expect - wildflowers, green apples, and lemon zest.

It will definitely have a permanent place on my wine shelf, and I look forward to making a decent sangria from it this summer.

Important note: I split this bottle for two days, and on the second day aroma became weaker, and the sourness in taste became rougher. So I will recommend drinking this wine all at once.

Recommended food pairings: fish, seafood, cheese plate, chicken breast.

ZERO Riesling by Rossmann Overview



Product country







​wildflowers, green apples, lemon zest

​Calories/100 ml.

18,9 kcal

​Serving Temperature


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